I am a very ecstatic patient of Dr. Toyos. I have suffered from fibromyalgia for well over 20 years. I have tried everything including physical therapy, pain management, nerve blocks, rheumatology and a long list of heavy-duty pharmaceutical medications up to and including fentanyl patches (yes really) and truthfully looking back, I believe it all made it worse. I was out of options and just suffering in daily, chronic, debilitating pain and fatigue.

I have tried chiropractic in the past and it has helped some, but I have to say I am very lucky to have found Dr. Toyos. He really knows his stuff and I feel he has a gift of healing. Dr. Toyos has been very thorough in educating about how chiropractic works. He explained that chiropractic isn’t just for back pain and how your nervous system can shut down if you have issues in your spine. The nerves from your spine affect more than just back pain, it affects everything and can feed all kinds of health issues, including blood pressure, thyroid and many other ailments. He explained it’s extremely important to keep your spine in line and keep your nervous system healthy. He did a scan of my nerves in my spine and the report showed I was a hot mess. With his expertise we have brought my nervous system back online and functioning.

I have been seeing Dr Toyos for several months now and I feel better than I have in over 20 years – no exaggeration. We have taken the approach of “whole health” meaning diet change, exercise and regular chiropractic. It all must go together. My pain levels are greatly decreased, my brain fog is nearly gone, and the fatigue is fading rapidly and is not debilitating. I am getting better every day and I am off all pharmaceutical medications related to fibromyalgia. I have been on medications for so many years and have tried absolutely everything and finally I am making great improvements and not needing any of those medications.

Thank you Dr. Toyos for saving me and bringing me back to a more normal existence! I have now lost 23 lbs. in a 10-week period of time with diet and exercise (again, something I couldn’t really do before) and I am focused and committed to my health and Dr. Toyos is a huge part of this equation.

~ Lauri Svendsen


I initially started seeing Dr. Peter Toyos, DC, Toyos Chiropractic, in February 2010, because of a torn meniscus (and associated pain) but stayed for his excellent care and concern for my overall health.

I had seen a surgeon whose first words were pretty much “Surgery” with no discussion about other possible options. Before taking this step, I wanted to explore other less evasive avenues. A friend of mine recommended Dr. Toyos – Was she right!

It’s been a little over a year now, I feel great – and I haven’t had that knee surgery.

He takes the time to listen to you and he also educates you in working with your own body to help heal yourself. What a great concept!

Highly recommend Dr. Toyos – you wont go wrong!


Phoenix, AZ


To whom it may concern:

I never expected that stopping by a spine check booth at a Home and Garden show would be a life altering experience. I had chronic right shoulder and elbow pain, restless leg syndrome and many other vague symptoms. Every morning when I woke up, my heels would hurt and I would have to hobble around for the first few minutes of every day, then my hands would go numb as I was driving to work. All in all, everything added up to making me feel like an old lady at 48. At the spine check booth, the cervical spine check showed that I had significant abnormalities in my neck area. I was not surprised, but secretly thinking this is a great marketing ploy, I agreed to set up an appointment at Dr. Peter Toyos’ chiropractic clinic.

I had spent considerable money and time in various chiropractors often on in the past. As soon as the pain was manageable, I no longer felt the need to continue to spend more money and time. There was very little education about the benefits of continuing routine chiropractic care. Then, about five years ago, I had to have back surgery due to a severely herniated disc, I continue to have pain and numbness, but I felt there was nothing more to be done.

While Dr. Pete is an incredible and enthusiastic chiropractor, he is an even better educator. After my initial scan which identified the problem areas, I started treatment three days per week and began to pay attention to what I body was telling me. After the first two weeks of treatment, the heel pain and hand numbness stopped completely. The treatments and education provided simultaneously. I didnʼt need to be convinced of the benefits of continued chiropractic care, I was feeling the changes. After a couple of months of treatment, I was feeling good and up to join a gym and make some positive changes in my life- for my life.

While, this has been a life altering experience for me, it hasn’t had more of an impact on two of my grandchildren. When I found out that Dr. Pete treated children for free, I immediately thought of hope and Tony. All start with hope, my six year old granddaughter. She’s been diagnosed with severe ADHD. She was on five medications to control her hyperactivity, attention span and the behaviors, including antipsychotic and anti depressant medications. She frequently wanders through her date as a miniature zombie, or alternately exhibiting aggressive behaviors. After two weeks of treatment with Dr. Pete, her medication doses were decreased in some medications were even eliminated, including the antipsychotic. She’s back to being a normal, active little girl who was able to give and receive a faction. She generally falls asleep and that caught on the way home from Dr. Toyos’ Office – getting her to sleep at all has always been a battle. And this is been only with one or two treatments per week.

My five year old grandson Tony, had even more difficult issues to address. He had anoxic brain injury at birth, seizures and significant developmental delays. He was recently diagnosed with autism. He has had a lot of frustration in his attempts to communicate. He was able to repeat words (not always understandable) but really wasn’t able to use speech to communicate with anyone, older than a few single word requests like “eat”. Shortly after starting treatment with Dr. Pete, he had several small seizures one morning. Suddenly, he was able to associate words with actions and objects. He rarely got it that word stood for something and is articulation of words improve dramatically. His parents had tried multiple times to get Tony potty trained with little success. Now, it is rare for him to have an “accident”. Tony also used to have a chronic runny nose, even after surgery to remove his tonsils and adenoids. He no longer has a problem with this and all.

While some of these improvements in all of us may be coincidental, none of them occurred until we started routine chiropractic treatment with Dr. Pete. As our spines get closer to balance, so do our lives and our health. We feel like we have become part of an extended family with Dr. Pete, his wife Samantha and their son P.J. I expect that we will will continue to experience positive changes in the function of our bodies and nervous systems.

Very sincerely,

Cathy Sohl


About 3 years ago I started getting severe migraines. In the beginning I had one that lasted 3 weeks. Eventually I found a neurologist who put me on a very strict diet (no preservatives, no MGG, no soy, low carbohydrates, etc) and found a recipe of medications that reduced my migraines to about 2 a month for a day or two. I was happy to get my migraines under control but still wanted to reduce their occurrences even more and I wanted to reduce my need for medication.

Eventually I came across Dr. Toyos and through his in depth informative discussions on chiropractic care I could tell he had a passion for heeling people and decided to give him a try. Under his chiropractic care I have gone 14 weeks without a migraine – which is amazing! And at the same time I have worked with my neurologist and have started successfully reducing my medication.

All in all I believe that it has been a combination of wellness events which include: my neurologist who emphasizes a clean diet and exercise program, which are along the same lines as Dr. Toyos’ beliefs, coupled with Dr. Toyos’ chiropractic care that have gotten me to the point where I am today.

Both my family and I are thankful for Dr. Toyos and his skills and passion.

Mike K.
Phoenix, Arizona


Dr. Toyos,

I started coming to your office just over a year ago because of severe lower back pain and stiffness. After my initial consultation and scan, I was hopeful that you would be able to alleviate my pain. After a few months of adjustments two times a week, you tried backing off my treatments to once every other week. However, my back was in such bad shape that I had to continue frequent visits to try to stabilize it. I am happy to say that I have now been pain-free for over three months and your treatments are the reason for it. Thank you so much for everything you have done.

I can now painlessly say, See you on the golf course!

Trent K.


The pain and stiffness in my neck and back seemed to get worse without explanation. I went to my primary care provider who prescribed physical therapy. After 2 months of PT, I improved markedly but without resolve. I was still experiencing a deep cramp in my low back and had some difficulty moving my neck side-to-side. For me, seeing a chiropractor (Toyos Chiropractic), engaging in core strength training (4-5 times/week), and massage therapy (bi-weekly) have helped relieve my neck and back pain more effectively than non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication or muscle relaxants. After 5 months I can more easily move my neck right and left, most noticeable while I’m driving, specifically backing out of a parking space. I notice less discomfort associated with getting up from a chair and getting in and out of the car, and I am able to put my leg on the shower bench to shave my legs without the twinge I used to experience. ~ R.T