For a video of the Technology we use as well as the inventor of the technology click here.

Insight Subluxation Station

We are proud to bring the latest technology to our office.  The Insight Millenmium Subluxation Station allows us to find problems BEFORE you feel them!!

For too many years people would wait to come to the Chiropractor only when they hurt or were in a crisis situation – this is no longer the case.

This technology is used to determine the severity of your problem during your initial Chiropractic examination and is then used to monitor your progress.

It is used to screen adults and children for Subluxations – this allows us to see problems even in newborns before they develop symptoms!!

Approximately 10% of the chiropractors in the world now utilize this advanced technology to help their patients achieve their optimum level of health and well being.

Normal Scan

Scan of nerves without Chiropractic (intial scan)

Scan on progress exam with Chiropractic (rescan)

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